The Health Pursuits 'online shop' offers a range of Shungite products that makes a great gift, and a unique piece of nature, precious and rare. 


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Shungite Pyramids

The Shungite Pyramids are ideal for use in the work and living space.

Shungite Cubes

Shungite Grounding Cubes resonate with the natural vibrations of the Earth and with the first Chakra 'Muladhara'.

Shungite Spheres

The Sphere emits subtle harmonious frequencies which make them ideal for placing in the living room or the bedroom.

Shungite Pendants

Various different types, shapes and sizes of Shungite Pendants are avaliable. Pendants are on quality waxed cotton, Elite pendants are on leather thong, both with adjustable slipknot to lenghten or shorten the size. 

Shungite Necklaces & Bracelets

A range of beaded, tumble stone, elite necklaces and bracelets are avaliable.

Shungite Elite

 Elite Shungite for decorative, personal or theraputic purposes.

Shungite Harmonisers

Harmonisers can be made from many different materials (eg: Seraphinite, Charoite, Nephrite, Quartz etc..), used in collaboration with Shungite for different effects relevant to the specific qualities of the different stones used.

Shungite Protection

Shungite Protective Plates can be used on electrical/electronic appliances. They can help to absorb and neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite Tiles

Tiles for muilti purpose, great for helping to grow plants.




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