Health-Pursuits Complimentary Therapies (Based in Surrey, UK)

Contact: Murray Nicholson        E:      Mobile: +44 7393 858317

Shiatsu Bodywork & Massage

Shiatsu Holistic treatments (Fully clothed) including:

Shiatsu Full body Acupressure Treatmentrs

Neck / Back / Shoulder Acupressure treatments

Aculift facial Acupressure Treatments.


Massage treatments (with oils) including:

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage  

Meridian massage


Home Visits can also be arranged / as agreed

Energy Therapies

Access Bar treatments

Quantum Touch treatments

Reiki treatments


Home visits can also be arranged / as agreed



Individual Measurements of Human Energy Field (HEF)

Book a Bio-Well GDV Camera reading for the measurement of your Human Energy Field Including Energy distribution of body organs, systems, reserves,emotional , body symmetry, chakras, meridians, Biorhythms etc

Full report provided with interpretation of results

Book your appointent with Murray 

Home Visits can be scheduled in Local area / as agreed


Other devices 

GDV Sputnik device for energy of the environment

Water sensor for measuring the effects of intention, magnetic fields and other influences.

Contact Murray to arrange readings / project scope

Murray Nicholson

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Taiji Qigong Shibashi Classes

Tai-Chi Qigong Shibashi classes scheduled on Wednesdays between (6-7pm) at Little Bookham Village Hall, Bookham, Surrey KT23 3AF. No class on first Wednesday of each month.

Other classes scheduled or available on 1:1 basis.

Contact Murray Nicholson to confirm your attendance

Mobile: 07393 858317

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