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Keeping your skin looking young and healthy is something that we don’t always consider necessary doing in our 20’s and 30’s. Life moves at a fast pace and we do not always have the time. However, when lines and wrinkles appear, we start to pay more attention to our looks, appearance and life style in an effort to slow down the ageing process

It is never too late to start, even if you are in your 40s,50s,60s or older, you can still can at the very least slow down the signs of ageing to your skin. There are plenty of simple things that you can do to maintain a healthy skin, that literally take minutes to perform.

For example: Body brushing, Facial brushing, Facial cupping, Facial polishing/scraping.


Skincare starts from within so it is also very important to have a nutritious, well balanced diet, but even if your dietary habits are not the best, that is no reason to ignore the fact that your skin still needs looking after on the outside.

The key to being successful in anything is consistency, and skincare is no exception, since as we get older this becomes increasingly more important. Two things that allow the skin to regenerate and always look healthy, are exfoliation and healthy blood circulation under the skin.


Daily brushing of the skin helps shed the dead skin cells that build-up on the surface which make the skin look dull. If these dead skin cells are regularly removed it allows the cells to regenerate better, giving a smoother, softer look to the skin.



Cupping further enhances the skin’s surface by providing a good supply of blood, which also helps the underlying tissues to refresh and stay healthy. All of this helps to prevent fine lines, pigmentation, bumps and pimples, all of which can detract from a person’s true beauty.

A third important addition to skincare is ‘scraping’, this may, at first, sound a bit harsh, but far from it.


The ‘Strigil’ scraping tool made from Mother of Pearl shell, is so designed to gently scrape the surface of the skin helping to sleuth off dirt and debris, which may have built up on the skin and pores. This is especially evident after heavy exertion, exercise or even being subjected to pollution from working or living in a busy town or city. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew how good this was for the skin and did not use soap, instead they used a tool made of metal or reed called a Strigil. They applied scented olive oils to the skin and then scraped away dirt and debris from the skin. You only have one skin so treat it wisely.


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