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Shungite Minerals 

 A wide range of Shungite minerals imported from Karelia region for protection, purification and well-being purposes


'Natural Elements' Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

Manufactured by 'Essentially Yours' in UK

'Natural Elements' Anti-Ageing Skin Care products

Anti-Aging Oils, Creams and Facial Washes

Skin Care products for Mature and Damaged skin

'Beautiful On Raw' accessories for a Healthy complexion

Anti-Ageing Accessories       

- Facial Brush

- Body Brush

- RejuvaCup

- RejuuvaCup HD

- Strigil


Facial and Body brushes for exfoliation and a healthy complexion

Gentle manual brushing will speed up cell turnover, maximize oxygen intake, strengthen the skin's inner structure, and reduce the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.

RejuvaCup and RejuvaCup HD

Your skin is healthy only when underlying tissues are free of toxins and stagnation and when fresh blood and oxygen are readily available for new cell development... this is just what RejuvaCup will do for you.

Read article on using Brushes, Cups and Strigils to maintain a healthly looking skin

Easy and simple techniques to include in your daily routine

'Mother of Pearl' Strigil

'Beautiful on Raw' Facial Strigil a remarkable beauty tool based on ancient exfoliation practices (Gua Sha techniques used in Tragitional Chinese Medicine). Thousands are already using it with great results. The Facial Strigil is designed to gently scrape the surface of the skin helping to sleuth off dirt and debris, which may have built up on the skin and pores. The technique also helps to “unglue” dead dry skin cells from your skin’s surface and give your skin a shiny and glossy appearance.

Shungite - some best selling products 

Shungite Pyramids, Spheres, Cubes, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Dowsers, Harmonisers, Protective plates, Elite Shungite etc - Visit Shungite shop for all products

SHUNGITE Protection Plate      £5.95

Shungite Protective Plates can be used on electrical/electronic appliances, mobile phones etc to help to absorb and neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Pure lustrous Elite/Nobel Shungite (>98%Carbon) is rare, contributing to less than 1 vol.% of the Shungite occurrence. This type of unique mineraloid formed as a result of mobilisation of liquid hydrocarbons and is referred to as migrated Shungite. We aim to provide the highest quality Shungite, each piece is individual and can not be replicated.

ELITE SHUNGITE Water Kit in Organzo bag (30gm)                      £35.50

Buy a Elite Shungite Water Kit, containing thirty grams of the the highest grade Shungite, cleaned and charged. Shungite has the ability to, not only cleanse, reactivate and revitalize water, removing almost all organic and inorganic compounds including pesticides, bacteria, metals and harmful micro-organisms, it can also help to hydrate tissues penetrating deeply into cellular structures. You can easily prepare Shungite water at home.

Complimentary Therapies & Measurements of Human Energy Field 

            COMPLIMENTARY THERAPIES                            Book a relaxing SHIATSU acupressure massage          treatment, or  Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.    Home visits in local area. Attend local Qigong classes (on-line classes at present)

MEASUREMENT OF HUMAN ENERGY FIELD  - Have a unique and fascinating reading of your 'Human Energy Field' including a report of your 'bio-energy' measurements including chakras, meridians, body systems, biorhythms, stress levels and more  .......(Bio-Well GDV Technology) 


Consultancy Services



 Health-Pursuits offer Consultancy Services, for specific marketing,   technical and promotional support to clients for the following   markets:


 - Healthcare applications

 - Life Sciences applications

 - Complimentary Therapies and Well-being applications



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