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Shungite Products

We offer a large range of Shungite products directly imported from Karelia region. Shungite is the 'must have' product for grounding, EMF protection and purification purposes.  Products: Pyramids, Cubes, Spheres, jewellery, pendants, Plates for EMF protection, Harmonizers, dowsers and water purification kits etc.

Anti-Ageing Products

Comprehensive range of personal care products to help reduce the effects of anti-Ageing, wrinkles, damaged skin, pigmentation etc and to help restore a glowing facial complexion and healthly looking skin. Products are organically sourced, plant-based oils, suitable for vegans and use recyclable packaging.


Essentially Yours - 'Natural Elements'  - Skin oils, creams & skin wash products

'Beautiful On Raw' - Facial and body brushes, cups and strigils

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