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Murray Nicholson - Shiatsu Practitioner ESS, MRSS.

Murray Nicholson, for many years has been interested in complimentary therapies and energy work, helping family and  friends with everyday ailments. It wasn't until he studied Shiatsu that he felt compelled to deepen his knowledge of Eastern practices and proceeded to become a Shiatsu Practitioner. Shiatsu helps to provide the ability to treat a person hollistically , bringing energy and vitality to an individual to enhance their health and well-being in tune with our natural environment. Murray graduated from the European Shiatrsu Shiatsu School (ESS) in Brighton, and is a registered member of the Shiatsu Society



Murray can also offer other therapies and treatments to clients in Surrey area:

- Traditional Shiatsu Bodywork and Acupressure

- Seated Back/Neck and Shoulder Acupressure Massage  - excellent to relieve tense muscles and stress.

- Facial Lift Acupressure Massage - to release facial  tension and improve muscle tone

- Swedish Hollistic Massage with oils - wonderful, deeply relaxing massage to reduce muscle tension and stress

- Meridian Body Massage with oils - integrates body and meridian channels using massage and acupressure points. 

- Tai-Chi Qigong Shibashi - 'On line' classes Monday/Weds - well-being exercises to improve Ki energy flow - also 1:1 classes.

- Makko Ho 'on line' stretch classes - mornings Monday - Wednesdays

Quantum Touch - using gentle 'hands-on' techniques, to promote the natural healing process and body alignment. 

- Reiki -  Energy healing to help balance, relax the body's energetic system and enhance well-being.

- Access Bars - 'hands-on' techniques to promote relaxation and well being

- Bio-Well Practitioner - to measure the HEF (Human Energy Field) of the body, Meridian balance, Chakra balance, Stress levels, Body systems, Energy Reserves, Biorhythms etc (Full report provided)

- Nutritional Advisor - assistance with dietary requirements to ensure with a well balance diet


For further information, bookings and local home visits:

Contact:   Murray Nicholson

Mobile:     07393 858317


Fees:         From £40.00 per hour


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional Japenese hands-on complimentary therapy which may help a wide range of conditions - from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. Shiatsu is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork which is designed to provide a deep relaxing and re-vitalising experience that enhances health and well-being.

Shiatsu ( means 'finger pressure') was developed in Japan and is a combination of two ancient  techniques - Japanese Massage (Amna) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the practitioner uses seveal diagnostic techniques so that each treatment is specific to the client's needs and conditions.

The Practitionert uses a series of gentle stretches, joint mobilisation, and bodywork and non-invasuve pressure which is appied to the acupressure points (Tsubos) and energy lines within the body (meridians). This stimulates the body's natural hraling process and helps to optimise the energy flow throughout the body. Shiatsu is similar in the theory of acupuncture but without needles. Shiatsu is approached on a hollistic level with the client and includes not just a physical apprach to health but also addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects of the client.

Shiatsu Treatment

Just about anyone can benefit from Shistsu trteatments to assist and maintain their overall helth and well-being. It is suitable to treat cleints of all ages. At the beginning of the first treatment there will be an initial consultation about the individual, general health, any symptoms,  diet and lifestyle

will be askes. The Shiatsu treatment will last for 40-50 minutes. The Shiatsu techniques is communicated through touch and intuition to determine the quality of energy and vitality of the client. Shiatsu is received either on a futon, couch, sitting position on lying on a futon mattress. The client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment and is advisable to wear loose clothing such as leggings, tracksuit, T-shirt. Shiatsu works best when the client is relaxed . Please avoid any alcohol and heavy meals before a treatment ensutre that alcohol and relaxation after a treament is recommended and drink water as required.



    'Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience that re-vitalises and re-balances  the vital energy of the body promoting  health and well-being.'

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