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Shiatsu Bodywork and Acupressure 


Murray Nicholson - Shiatsu Practitioner ESS, MRSS. 

Murray Nicholson, for many years has been interested in complimentary therapies, helping family and close friends with everyday ailments. It wasn’t until he studied Shiatsu therapy that he felt compelled to deepen his knowledge to become a Shiatsu Practitioner. Shiatsu Therapy gave him the quality and wholeness of treating a person at their deepest source, bringing energy and vitality back to an individual. Murray graduated from European Shiatsu School (ESS) in Brighton, a registered member of Shiatsu Society and a member of Federation of Holistic Therapists. (FHT)


Murray can also offer other therapies and services to clients:

  • Traditional Shiatsu bodywork as described above.
  • Facial lift acupressure massage – to release facial muscle tension and improve skin tone.
  • Seated Back/neck Acupressure – excellent to relieve tense tight muscles and stress. 
  • Meridian Massage with oils – Integrates oil massage with acupressure points and meridians.
  • Quantum Touch – uses gentle ‘hands on’ techniques, to promote natural healing process.
  • Reiki energy healing to help balance, relax and promote well-being.
  • Tai-Chi Qigong - energy exercises (Shibashi style) to improve energy flow and well-being
  • Nutritional Advisor

For bookings and home visits:

Contact:    Murray Nicholson

Mobile:      07393 858317


Fees:         From £45 per hour



Shiatsu Bodywork and Acupressure is a Japanese hands-on, non-intrusive therapy that may help a variety of conditions and ailments from specific injuries to more general symptoms of tension, stress and poor health. Shiatsu is a complete system of hollistic healing using variety of techniques, intuition and aspects of traditional oriental medicine. Shiatsu is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork which is designed to help harmonize the energy and vitality of the body and mind, by stimulating the body’s natural energy flow in order to promote vitality and well being. The Client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment and will receive Shiatsu on a treatment table, futon mattress or massage chair.



What is Shiatsu?     


Shiatsu is a Traditional Japanese hands-on complimentary therapy which may help in a wide range of conditions – from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. Shiatsu is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork which is designed to provide a deep relaxing and revitalising experience that enhances health and well being.

Shiatsu (means ‘finger pressure’) was developed in Japan and is a combination of two ancient techniques Japanese massage (Anma) and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), and uses several diagnostic techniques so that each treatment is specific to the client’s needs and conditions. 

The Practitioner will use a series of gentle stretches, bodywork, joint mobilisation and most importantly non-invasive pressure techniques which are applied to the acupressure points (tsubos) and energy lines of the body (meridians). This stimulates the body’s natural healing process and helps to optimise the energy flow throughout the body. Shiatsu is similar in the theory of acupuncture but without using needles.

How does Shiatsu Therapy work?

The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is that vital energy (known as Ki in Japanese) flows through the body in a series of channels known as meridians. Ki or subtle body energy is the ‘life force’ which sustains every activity of the body, mind and spirit. Our vitality is the quality of our health, and reflects the strength and harmony of the flow of Ki energy. Sometimes, Ki may stop flowing freely, and may manifest as a symptom or underlying condition. Your Shiatsu practitioner will sense and detect these energy pattern disharmonies and re-establish the correct flow of Ki. As the quality of Ki is improved, this will restore balance and harmony and help the body’s natural healing process to boost vitality. 

Shiatsu is approached on a Hollistic level with the client - as a complete being – and includes not just the physical approach but addresses emotional and spiritual aspects of health. 

Who can benefit from Shiatsu?

Just about anyone can benefit from Shiatsu therapy to maintain their health.  It is safe to apply to most clients and is suitable for all ages.  

Shiatsu Treatment

At the beginning of the first treatment there will be an initial consultation and questions about current symptoms, general health, and lifestyle will be asked. The treatment itself lasts for about 50-60 minutes.  The technique of Shiatsu is communicated through touch and intuition to determine the quality of vitality within the client. The client will receive Shiatsu either on a treatment table, sitting position or lying position on a futon mat. The client is fully clothed throughout the treatment and it is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing such as leggings or track suit top and bottom. Shiatsu works best when the client is relaxed. Please avoid any alcohol and heavy meals before any treatment. Relax after the treatment and drink water as required.                                                                                    

How many treatments will I need?                                       

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person, for acute problems the response to treatment may be fairly rapid, whereas chronic conditions may require several treatments, as advised by your practitioner. However, Shiatsu can promote overall well being and balance even if the client is fit and healthy.

 Common conditions which may be helped by Shiatsu

  • Anxiety, worry …. Helps the body and mind to relax.
  • Depression, shock & insomnia …. Helps to lower stress levels, encouraging calm and rest 
  • Digestive and Circulatory issues ….helps digestion and digestive issues; boosts circulation. 
  • Menstrual pains and cramps – helps to ease cramps and re-balances hormones.
  • Headaches, migraine – helps to relax the body, increases blood flow and reduce symptoms.
  • Fatigue, lack of vitality – helps to boost energy levels and breathing
  • Musculo-skeletal problems – helps to reduce tension associated with muscle pain
  • Stress Management – helps to relax our bodies and more stress-free life style


‘Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and re-vitalising experience that will rebalance the body’s vital energy and helps promote well-being’



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