Shungite has a unique 'fullerene' structure, that can effectively cleanse, reactivate and revitalize water, removing almost all organic and inorganic compounds including pesticides, bacteria, metals and harmful micro-organisms. Shungite water may help to better hydrate our tissues and remove toxins.






Elite Shungite


Elite Shungite has a high content of fullerenes, and is able to active water much faster than other grades of Shungite.


1. Put a litre of water into a glass jug or other container (glass is prefered).


2. Place 30 grams of small Elite Shungite crystals in the water.


3. Leave for 3 hours or overnight before consuming (ensuring Shungite pieces remain in container)


4. It is best to leave the shungite in the water untill consumed as this helps to maintain the fullerene-like structure of the water.



Black Unpolished Shungite


Using Black Unpolished Shungite will take much longer to activate the water.


1. Put a litre of water into a glass jug or other container (glass is prefered).


2. Wash unpolished Shungite until any fine black powder is removed.


3. Place 100 grams of unpolished Shungite pieces into the water (Do not used polished Shungite)


4. Leave for 3 days before consuming (ensuring Shungite piees remain in container)


Using already filtered water enables the Shungite to more readily deploy its activating properties.

If you are using heavily chlorinated or polluted water, it is advisable to replace the shungite every two to three years. It is also good to place the stones in the sunlight every four to six months to keep them well energised.


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