Water Purification Techniques


Using already filtered water enables the Shungite to more readily deploy its activating properties.

If you are using heavily chlorinated or polluted water, it is advisable to replace the shungite every two to three years. It is also good to place the stones in the sunlight every four to six months to keep them well energised.



Make your own chocolate? From raw cocca bean and other nutritious ingredients?   


The use of hemp in Great Britain dates back over 1000 years. During these times, people would have access to groups of medical plants for the restoration of health, vitality and to support their normal bodily functions. These were known as 'Tonic Plants' and were used in traditional systems of medicine. One of these Tonic Plants was Hemp, which is a very robost plant, grows very quickly and can thrive in many different soil conditions. Hemp can be very benificial for health, and is considered a Superfood, as it provides the body with essential fats, amino acids, Omega 6, Omega 9, balanced proteins, vitamins and enyzmes. Hemp Seeds also contain strong anti oxidant properties. There are no known allergic reactions to hemp seeds, so are suitable for all diets. Hemp milk, oils, and cakes can be made from the plants, which are a great source of nutrients. By including hemp in your diet you can, increase energy levels, improve organ functions and circulation, strengthen the immune system, hemp is also a natural anti-inflammatory.


Common name: Goji berries, Duke of Argyll's tea-tree

Botanical name: Lycium barbarum
Group Deciduous, fruiting shrub
Flowering time: Summer
Planting time: Late summer to autumn
Height and Spread: 3m (10ft) x 4m (13ft) or more
Aspect: Full sun
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Difficulty: Moderate


This hardy, deciduous shrub has increased in popularity in recent years. It yields a plentiful supply of nutritious red berries, which can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried.


RHS Gardenering


TAI CHI - Physiotherapy of patients

'In traditional Chinese medicine, human beings are considered miniature versions of the universe, and like the universe, they are thought to be made up of the constant interaction of five elements (metal, water, fire, wood, and earth). It is believed that these five elements flow in an interrelated manner throughout all the organs of the body as the five phases of universal qi (pronounced "chee"), with qi defined as the life force - the intrinsic energy in the body that travels along pathways in the body called meridians. A state of good health is achieved when the interactions between these elements cause the flow of your qi to occur in a smooth and balanced manner. You could say that one reason you study tai chi is to help your qi flow smoothly.'


Benefits of Qigong practice include optimizing the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, increasing the efficiency of cellular metabolism, altering neurochemistry towards healing, managing pain and mood, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and facilitating relaxation and mental focus.Qigong can be done anywhere, anytime. It can be practiced while sitting, standing, moving, not moving,or lying down. It is excellent for stress reduction, prevention of illness, dealing with chronic illness, healthy and active aging, and longevity.


'Hempcrete has high thermal mass. Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy. Much heat energy is required to change the temperature of high-density materials like hempcrete, concrete, bricks and tiles. They are therefore said to have high thermal mass. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass. 


Hempcrete has a high thermal mass. This means Hempcrete is better able to regulate temperatures within the home, keeping it cool in the summer but insulates in winter.'

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