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Offers a comprehensive range of  Shungite products, sourced directly from their origin in the North-East of Russia. Shungite makes a great gift -  a unique piece of nature, precious and rare.


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Elite Shungite: Type1 95-98% Carbon

Pure lustrous Elite/Nobel Shungite (>98%C) is rare, contributing to less than 1 vol.% of the Shungite occurrence. This type of unique mineraloid formed as a result of mobilisation of liquid hydrocarbons and is referred to as migrated Shungite. We aim to provide the highest quaility Shungite, each piece is individual and can not be replicated.

The Shungite Collection

Shungite can be used in many ways. A collection of geometric shapes Pyramids, Cubes, Spheres, Powders, Pastes and a range of necklaces and pendants are avalible. Which products work best for you? Customise your own collection.

Get a collection of Shungite products to try at home.

Buy an Individuals Kit £29.99

Buy a Workplace Kit £56.00

Buy a Shungite Elite Water Purification Kit  £33.50

Buy a Elite Shungite Water Kit, containing thirty grams of the the highest grade Shungite, cleaned and charged. Shungite has the ability to, not only cleanse, reactivate and revitalize water, removing almost all organic and inorganic compounds including pesticides, bacteria, metals and harmful micro-organisms, it can also help to hydrate tissues penetrating deeply into cellular structures. You can easily prepare Shungite water at home.

Shungite Protection           



Shungite Protective Plates can be used on electrical/electronic appliances, mobile phones etc to help to absorb and neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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Home Made Hemp Milk-Our Simply and Easy Method

Hemp Seeds contain strong anti-oxidants. Hemp Milks, Oils, Cakes can be made from the plants, which are great sources of nutrients. By including hemp in your diet you can, increase energy levels, improve organ function and circulation, strenghten the immune system and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. There are no known allergic reactions to hemp seeds, so they are suitable for all diets.

Shungite Water -Water Purification Techniques

Using already filtered water enables the Shungite to more readily deploy its activating properties.

If you are using heavily chlorinated or polluted water, it is advisable to replace the shungite every two to three years. It is also good to place the stones in the sunlight every four to six months to keep them well energised.


Make your own chocolate? From raw cocca bean and other nutritious ingredients?   

Shungite Information 'Understanding the benefits' 

Investigations of Shungites mineralogical and geochemical properties have been carried out by Russian and other International scientists. Large amounts of this elemental carbon form has been found in the Lower Proterozoic rocks in the district of Shunga and are widespread in Zaonezhye and other areas of the Republic of Karelia. This interesting Carbon form has emerged in a formerly tectonically active transition zone between the Baltic Sheild and the Russian Platform.

Health Pursuits Exhibition 2017

TCCHE ( The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution) Dates: 25-27th August 2017 - London.

Health-Pursuits will be demonstrating Bio-Well GDV Camera and Sputnik accessory - where the energy of the Environment will be monitored during a workshop by. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Other leading scientists and authors include: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton etc        Link: www.tcche.org

Health Pursuits Exhibition 2017

Wellness Day

G-Live, Guildford, Surrey. GU1 2AA

Feelgood products and Complimentary Therapies.

Saturday 17th June 2017

10am - 5pm

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